Bra Fittings

A properly-fitting bra will provide support and pleasant shaping while maintaining comfort and helping to minimize the appearance of unsightly bulges as well as the unwanted “quad” look. But accurately measuring yourself and finding the perfect bra on your own can be difficult and will often lead to a poor fit and unnecessary discomfort.

Come Have a Trained Professional Measure You for the Best Bra Fit Available in the Raleigh Area

Bra Fitting, Raleigh, NC

Our staff members are thoroughly trained in ideal measurement techniques which will help you find the perfect fit to enhance your figure and provide the highest degree of comfort. We take care to make sure that a trained bra fitter is available to our customers at all times during our business hours.

The process begins with taking a measurement directly under the bust after expelling air from your lungs. This will yield the bra band length in inches, which is the first number of a standard bra size. Next, while a good, non-padded bra is being worn, a second measurement is taken around the fullest part of the breasts. The first measurement is then subtracted from the second measurement, and the difference, in inches, denotes proper cup size as follows: 1 inch difference for A cup, 2 inch difference for B cup, 3 inch difference for C cup, and so on.

At Lingerie Loft, we specialize in accurately determining your proper bra size, and we have years of combined experience in measuring women of all ages and shapes. This takes any guesswork out of choosing the right bras, and it allows you to forget about fit and simply focus on finding the perfect colors and styles that will make you feel fun and attractive. Our excellent selection of bras includes cup sizes from A to G and even up to size I in our Elila line of bras. We also stock sleepwear in a broad range of styles and in sizes from S to 3XL.

Call us today at 919.307.8306 to learn more about us, or come by our store in North Raleigh to discover our unique selection of fine fashion lingerie and more.

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