Consider a thong

There are 3 different types of thongs: the traditional, the G-string and the tanga.

  • The traditional thong will have full coverage in the front with a wide waist that narrows as it is slid between the buttocks.
  • The G-string has a very narrow waist band. The front of the G-string is usually the only fabric and is commonly in a triangle shape.
  • The tanga is like a regular pair of panties crossed with a traditional thong. They typically cover the upper portion of the buttocks leaving the bottom portion exposed. They have a large waist band.

If you aren’t used to wearing thongs, you may feel they are uncomfortable. Some women say it feels like a bad wedgie. The good news is if you continue to wear them the initial discomfort goes away. Women who wear thongs often consider them one of the most comfortable styles of panties. The G-string is the most popular because there is so little fabric to become bunched up.

Just like panties, thongs come in many fabrics. We recommend trying cotton or nylon when you first start out wearing them. When selecting a thong, it’s best to go up a size from what you normally wear.

Thongs can make you look and feel sexier. There are no panty lines and no ride up.

Traditional Thong

Traditional thong


G-string thong

Tanga Thong

Tanga thong