Contour and Push-Up Bras

Contour bras have a unified thin layer of foam that is the same throughout the cup. Contour bras are great for women who don’t want to wear a full padded bra, because they are afraid it will make their breast look bigger. Contour bras provide a natural lift without adding cup size. Many contour bras are smooth and seamless. They are sometimes referred to as T-shirt bras. They give a uniform shape and appearance when wearing T-shirts and jerseys. Another benefit of a contour bra is it provides nipple coverage. If you experience times when your “headlights” are on, a contour bra may be best for you.

Push-up bras have padding throughout the cup, but have an added crescent shape of extra padding towards the bottom of the cup. This adds lift and can add an extra cup size to your bustline. Some push up bras allow you to remove the crescent shape padding from an opening inside the cup.

The same bra fitting rules apply to both contour and push-up bras. Just because it’s a push-up bra doesn’t mean you should have the ‘quadboob’ or spill over the top. All bras should fit properly and be comfortable. They should provide support and adequate coverage.