About Lingerie Loft

Owner and founder Phyllis Hilliard got her start in the lingerie business in 2003 when she worked for a friend selling lingerie and accessories through small, private, in-home parties. The experience of helping women select their perfect bra in a safe, comfortable setting is what ultimately sparked her interest in lingerie and her passion for personal service. Phyllis had always dreamed of owning her own business, so after losing her corporate job of more than 16 years to downsizing, she founded Lingerie Loft in 2010 and opened her first retail location in 2014.


We are More than Just a Store in Raleigh Selling Sexy Lingerie: Discover What Makes Us Unique at Lingerie Loft!


Bra Fitting, Raleigh, NC

Lingerie Loft is designed to be an intimate, relaxing retail setting where women can feel at ease while browsing an extensive selection of fine, luxury lingerie among inviting vintage decor. Our inventory includes vibrant, colorful bras and panties by designers from around the world along with bridal lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, hosiery, and bath and body products. We pride ourselves on providing a full range of lingerie designs and styles to suit women of all sizes, figures, ages, and tastes. We carry bras with cup sizes from A to G, sleepwear in sizes from S to 3XL, and we even have bras with cup sizes up to I in our Elila line.


Our staff at Lingerie Loft truly sets us apart from other lingerie retailers. All of our women bring a unique passion and extensive knowledge about all things lingerie, and our goal is to help any woman find the perfect fit and style for her. We even offer a professional bra fitting service which will enable us to determine your individual sizing so that we can ensure you achieve the best fit possible. It is our focus on customer service and our love for helping our fellow women feel attractive and comfortable that makes Lingerie Loft your source for all of your intimate apparel needs in the Raleigh area.


Call us today at 919.307.8306 to learn more about us, or come by our store in North Raleigh to discover our unique selection of fine fashion lingerie and more.

Lingerie Loft is a retail boutique carrying fine intimate apparel, fashion lingerie, bridal lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, hosiery, bath and body products, and more located in North Raleigh, NC serving the lingerie needs of customers throughout the Triangle area.