Lingerie Buying Advice

If you are thinking about purchasing lingerie as a gift for your girlfriend or wife, then Lingerie Loft is the perfect place to start looking. Our knowledge and understanding of style, function, and fitting makes us uniquely suited to helping men pick out the perfect item for that special someone. We are also a fantastic source of guidance for women who are feeling bored with their current lingerie wardrobe and are hoping for some help.

Lingerie Buying Advice for Raleigh-Area Men

Lingerie Advice for Men, Raleigh, NC

Trying to pick out fine lingerie on your own for your special someone can be overwhelming. Here are some things to know and consider before you start shopping:

Learn Her Size

It is crucial to make sure you know the proper bra and panty sizes to buy so you can avoid potential disappointment. This will involve understanding lingerie sizing as well as a little investigative work.

  • Bra Sizing: There are two components to a woman’s bra size: band size and cup size. The band size is a number which represents the measurement in inches (32, 34, 36, etc.) around her torso just underneath her breasts. The cup size is a letter (A, B, C, etc.) which represents the size of her breasts. It is also important to determine if this sizing information is U.S. or European, and we can provide a conversion chart for you if necessary. Finding out her bra size ahead of time will ensure you give her something with proper support that she can wear comfortably. At Lingerie Loft, we are proud to stock bras with cup sizes ranging from A to G and up to size I with our Elila line.
  • Panty Sizing: Learning her brief size is a bit easier, but equally important. Briefs are either sized in a range from XS to XL, much like t-shirts, or they can be sized numerically from 6-16. While sizing can vary slightly from designer to designer, just take a look to see what sizes she most commonly wears.

Learn Her Style

Pay attention to your partner’s unique lingerie style and look for bras and panties in the same styles but with different colors or patterns. It is also a good idea to discuss lingerie with her to see what new styles and colors she is hoping to try. The key to finding lingerie she will love is to shop for her and not for you.

Just Can’t Decide?

If you are still unsure of the size and style, a chemise can be a perfect choice. These short nightgowns come in a range of sizes, from XS to 3XL, and are not bra-size specific. Another excellent choice is our line of bath and body products which feature soft, sensual fragrances that any woman will love.

Leave the Hard Work to Us

At Lingerie Loft, we offer a free consultation service to assist you in selecting the perfect gift. If you come in with the key pieces of information listed above, we will offer suggestions to make your fine lingerie purchase as stress free as possible.

Lingerie Buying Advice for Raleigh-Area Women

Are you bored with your lingerie? Do you want to spice things up a bit for your partner?

What ultimately makes lingerie sexy is you! It will not work if you do not feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

It is better to change things up gradually, introducing new styles, colors, and fabrics slowly. As you add these elements, you will begin to embrace the way you look and feel. A matching bra and panty set will always be in style, and you can always spice things up by adding a cute lace bra and panty set to the mix.

Women who are fuller in figure need not stick to the basic colors, white, black, and nude. Our selection includes manufacturers who are making high-quality, colorful bras and panties designed to fit full-figured women perfectly.

Find Proper Comfort and Support with Our Bra Fit Guide

Once you have been measured, a lot of factors can affect your bra fit, such as the bra you are wearing, the firmness of your breast, and whether you have broad or narrow shoulders. The tips below can help you select a bra that will enhance your figure and provide a good fit:

1. Know your bra size: this is the starting point for choosing a bra.

2. Make sure the bra fits well at the loosest hook. That way, when the material stretches, you can move the hooks in, thus extending the life of your bra.

3. The underwire should fit flat against your chest and along your sides.

4. The band of the bra should fit level and not ride up when you raise your arms.

5. The straps should be tight but not digging into your shoulder area.

6. Your breasts should be contained in the bra and not bulging out in front and along the sides.

Discover Our Tips for Avoiding Panty Lines

Visible panty lines can ruin any good outfit, while invisible lines will help enhance your look and make your figure seem sleeker and sexier. Below is our guide to effectively reducing or altogether avoiding the appearance of panty lines:

1. Choose the right color. Bright colors can be seen through certain pants. If your pants are white or light in color, choose a color that matches your skin tone.

2. Try a thong. Be sure to look at yourself from behind when you sit or squat because some thongs can be exposed if you are wearing low-rise pants.

3. Try boy leg briefs: the longer leg will eliminate panty lines that cut across your bottom. However, if your pants are tight, the edges still may show.

4. Test drive panties made of paper-thin microfiber. This material is stretchy and helps eliminate bulging.

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