Quick Guide To Buying Shapewear

Shapewear must be the correct size to look good under clothing. Shapewear that is too small can pinch and cause unsightly bulges. If it’s too large, it can bunch and twist. Sizing varies from brand to brand. It’s best to try it on to make sure the fit is correct. If you are purchasing shapewear for a special occasion, it’s best to try it on with the gown or clothing being worn for the event.

Shapwear most commonly comes in light, medium or firm control levels. As a general rule, light control offers smoothing with no shaping. Medium control adds tone along with the smoothing affect. Firm control flattens and can actually take centimeters or inches off your size.

Shapewear should never be uncomfortable and constrictive. It should allow you to sit and breathe comfortably. When purchased in the correct size, shapewear can give you an hour glass figure in minutes.